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Camp Gevaldig and G2 are climbing higher in 2016.
The camp, where everything is always Gevaldig! 
Will, IYH, be for 6 weeks in 2016.
Starting on: Wed. June 22nd and ending on Tuesday Aug. 2.
Early bird special ~ Deadline: Februay  1, 2016:
6 weeks of “The best over-night day camp in the world!” for the price of 5.
ONLY: $1,055.00 / camper for 6 weeks, filled with the highest quality of fun and the best level of licensed certified child care!
To take advantage of this limited time offer send an email to
Or call Rabbi Friedman: 443-928-3687.

We have gevaldig plans for 2016:

Climb Zone, Sky Zone, Mountain Climbing, Six Flags, Swimming, Learning, Leagues, Color War, Bowling, Go-Carting, Laser Tag, Overnight, Jewlery making, Crafts, Baking, Ceramics, Hiking, Camping, Boating, Imax and more……..                                                                                                                   all with lots of Ruach and Gevaldig friends!

So what are you waiting for?!?!

Click Here to download the forms for Camp Gevaldig 2016!

Camp Gevaldig & G2 registration-forms

 Enjoy a taste of Camp Gevaldig 2015:

Enjoy a taste of G2 2015:

  Camp Gevaldig is now accepting Credit Cards:

Click on this button to go to our secure payment site:

We had a Gevaldig Summer in 2014 ! Watch the: CAMP GEVALDIG VIDEO 5774/ 2014

Moishy Kreiser at downs

We had fun @ Gevaldig Silver Spring In June and July in 2015!

And In August 2015 in Baltimore!

  We are very Grateful to our Head Staff for running such an  exciting Camp! In a smooth and professional way, with tender, loving, care:

                    Rabbi Shmuel Lichtenstein                                    Boys Head Counselor. 

Tehila Friedman                                       Head Counselor of  G2                        


Dear families and friends of Camp Gevaldig,

One of the ways to merit a good judgement during the Yomim Nora’aim is by becoming active in communal activities.  Last year, your support made it possible for over 150 Jewish children to grow and develop in a beautiful Makom Torah during the summer.  Please help us again this year and be part of this great Mitzvah.  I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to partner with us in providing a premier day camp with pure Torah Values for the community of Silver Spring.

By making a donation at the beginning of this year, you will enable us to be able to provide this service again, next summer, for those families who are not able to afford camp.  Our camp runs under the auspices of local Rabbis and educators and is run by the best Torah educators in the area.

Donations could be made directly to Camp Gevaldig by credit card by clicking on the donate button on this web page.   Tax deductible donations can be made by making out a check to: Keren Hachesed of Greater Washington.    By providing a camp scholarship for a child in our community you not only give this child the Gevaldig benefits that our camp has to offer but you help the parents and the entire community as well.  Your contribution will enable us to provide Jewish children a happy and healthy Torahdike environment in the summer.  Please help us at the beginning of this new-year with a donation to our scholarship fund.

Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated by those less fortunate than you.

A scholarship for two weeks is: $360.00.   A full summer scholarship is: $1,180.00.

Checks could be made out to: KHGW (Keren Hachesed of Greater Washington)

And mailed to:
Camp Gevaldig LLC
3116 Shelburne Rd.
Baltimore, MD

Our professional Rebbeim and loving staff appreciate your support.  Our campers appreciate the opportunity to learn Torah, Middos and Yiras Shamayim in a warm, fun, and absolutely Gevaldig camp.

It is only through the vision and leadership of people such as you that we are able to provide these essential services to the Jewish boys and girls of Silver Spring.  In the merit of this great Mitzvah may you be blessed with a Gevaldig year, and a Kesiva Vachasima Tova.

Rabbi Yair Friedman,
Director, Camp Gevaldig LLC

We had an amazing time with all of our Gevaldig campers and staff in 5775!
Here are some highlights from this years schedule:
Watched the Washington Nationals beat the Atlanta Braves.
Biked to downtown Silver Spring and got Slurpees.
Camped-out by the Largest cascading waterfall in the state of MD.
Rode the newest roller coaster at the biggest family fun park in MD.
Swam in a HUGE pool with a water slide. 
Skated in a beautiful rink. 
Developed great social skills through staff guided healthy competition in a  Gevaldig Color War and fun leagues.
Enjoyed, Boating, Ceramics, Baking, Drama, and so much more at our beautiful air conditioned facility in the heart of Silver Spring:
With appreciation to our partner and host:

The Yeshiva of Greater Washington- Tiferes Gedaliah


We had a Gevaldig Concert This Year!

Enjoy a taste of this years concert by Yisroel Juskowitz:  



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Camp Gevaldig Presents Baruch Levine In Concert

Camp Gevaldig Presents Yisroel Juskowitz In Concert

More Baruch Levine

More Yisroel Juskowitz


Click here to see the 2013 Camp Video on YOUTUBE: junior division @ downs

Gevaldig Horse Back Riding

Gevaldig Horse Back Riding

1)     Click here for: Silver Spring registration forms for Camp Gevaldig. PDF FORMAT.

Gevaldig Baltimore will be from July 27- Aug. 21, 2015. IYH.

2)    Click here for: Baltimore registration forms for Camp Gevaldig.  PDF FORMAT

3)     Download the credit card authorization form.

4)     Download the credit card authorization form for recurring payments.