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Parashas Vayeishev

Download Vayeishev PDF Learning the Power of Free Will from the Story of Yosef and the Story of Chanukah Taste of Talmud In Tractate Shabbos 22a, Rav Tanchum says you may not place your Chanukah menorah higher than 20 amos … Continue reading

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Parashas Vayishlach

Download Vayishlach PDF Am I Responsible for You? Taste of Talmud In Tractate Sota 37B, the Talmud teaches us the concept of “Arvoos”, responsibility.  More accurately translated “Arvoos” means being a guarantor or a co-signer for another Jew.  The Talmud … Continue reading

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Parashas Vayeitzei

Download Vayeitzei PDF Were Rachel and Leah Jewish? Taste of Mishna The first Mishna in the third chapter of tractate Yevamos deals with a case where two brothers, Reuvain and Shimon, married two sisters, Rachel and Leah. Tragically both brothers … Continue reading

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Parashas Toldos

Download Toldos PDF Was Yitzchak a Greater Tzadik than Rivka? Taste of Halacha “Midvar Sheker Tirchak”, from a matter of falsehood, distance yourself.  The “SMAG” counts this as one of the positive commandments of the Torah.  The Rambam learns this … Continue reading

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