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Beshalach_5773: Emunah Peshutah, is it really so Pashut?

Taste of Parasha Have you ever experienced an elevated level of connection to G-d?  Perhaps it was in Yeshiva or on a trip to the Holy Land.   May be it was a heightened awareness of your Neshama and your inherent … Continue reading

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Bo_5773: Emunas Chachamim

Taste of Parasha When Moshe Rabbeinu first conveyed G-d’s message to Pharaoh, he did not say anything about the children joining them nor did he ask for anything more than a three day furlough.   When Pharaoh finally agrees to let all … Continue reading

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Va’eira 5773: A real fire ball

Taste of Talmud and Halacha There is a fundamental Machlokes between Rabbi Yochanan and Raish Lakish how to deal with the liabilities of a person who was irresponsible with a fire.  Rabbi Yochanan is of the opinion that your fire … Continue reading

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