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Parashas Matos

Download Matos PDF Becoming More Patient:  Becoming G-dly Taste of Talmud Rabba said, “Anyone who gets angry the divine presence leaves him.” Rabbi Yirmiah added, “And he forgets his learning.”  Rabbi Nachman commented, “And we know that his sins are … Continue reading

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Parashas Yisro

Download Yisro PDF A Rabbi, a Guide for Life?  Taste of Talmud “From where do we learn that if you see your friend do something improper that you are obligated to rebuke him? In Leviticus 19:17, it is written ‘you … Continue reading

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Parashas Vayechi

Download Vayechi PDF When is a Rebuke a Blessing? Taste of Talmud At the end of the second chapter of tractate Taanis, there is a difference of opinion amongst the Tanaim as to how to conclude the fast of Tisha … Continue reading

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