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Chol Hamoed April 13, 2017 @Six Flags

To buy your tickets on line, Click here or on the credit card emblem below.    Please write the name of the person who will pick them up in the line that says camper name and please write the number … Continue reading

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Solicitation for Camp Gevaldig 5776

Dear families and friends of Camp Gevaldig, One of the ways to merit a good judgement during the Yomim Nora’aim is by becoming active in communal activities.  Last year, your support made it possible for over 150 Jewish children to … Continue reading

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Concert/ Melava-Malka on Dec. 13, 2014

Please Join Us at our Benefit Concert For The Camp Gevaldig Scholarship Fund On December 13 at SEHC at 8:15…

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Sefiras Haomer for A Bar Mitzvah Bachur

A Dvar Torah from Rav Shlomo Aviner, Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim Q: If a boy becomes a bar mitzvah during the period of Sefirat Ha-Omer, should he continue to count Sefirat Ha-Omer with a blessing after his bar mitzvah? A: … Continue reading

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Pesach 5774: A Live Chat with G-d?

Click here to download a Printer Friendly Version Click here for two divrei Torah on the Haggadah from the Chofetz ChaimImagine Moshe Rabbeinu coming to his fellow Bnei Yisroel and trying to explain to them what he experienced at the burning bush? … Continue reading

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Commentary on the Haggadah based on the writings of the Chofetz Chaim Zt”l: 5773

“Tzai Ulimad” (Go out and learn) The Hagadah is telling us that we should go out and learn about Galus. The Chofetz Chaim asks a few questions about Galus: What can we learn from the way the Avos went to … Continue reading

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Dvar Torah for Chanukah 5774

In Maoz Tzur we say, “L’ais Tachin Matbaiach Mitzar Ha’ Menabayach.”  “We will have a new Chanukas Hamizbaiach when   we will be saved from an enemy that barks.” What does this mean and who is it talking about? Rav Moshe … Continue reading

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Emor 5773: A Taste of Kehuna

Taste of Parasha “Speak to the Kohanim.”  Who are the Kohanim, and why do they have added restrictions?  The following story, as told by Rabbi Yissochor Frand Shlita, sheds some light on the matter. When Rav Shimon Schwab (1908-1995) was … Continue reading

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Tzav 5773: A Taste of Chometz

Taste of Talmud Chometz comes in many shapes and sizes.  The Talmud (Pesachim 43) discusses their varying levels of prohibition.  Rabbi Eliezer says the punishment of Kares is only for one who eats Chometz that can be seen.  For eating … Continue reading

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Akeidas Yitzchak – Emunas Chachamim

Taste of Parasha How did Avraham Avinu have the strength to pass all of his difficult tests?  Following the test of Akeidas Yitzchak, G-d tells Avraham, “Now I know that you have Yirah (Genesis 22:12).”   Yirah is commonly translated as … Continue reading

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