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Parashas Masei

Download Masei PDF Are Boundaries Good Things? Taste of Talmud “No man shall go out from his place on the seventh day” (Exodus 16:29).  From here we learn the concept of having a “Techum Shabbos” (a Shabbos boundary).  There are … Continue reading

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Parashas Matos

Download Matos PDF Becoming More Patient:  Becoming G-dly Taste of Talmud Rabba said, “Anyone who gets angry the divine presence leaves him.” Rabbi Yirmiah added, “And he forgets his learning.”  Rabbi Nachman commented, “And we know that his sins are … Continue reading

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Parashas Pinchas

Download Pinchas PDF Am I in Control of my Emotions Taste of Talmud The daughters of Tzlafchad had a great love for the land of Israel.  Therefore, they asked for a portion in the Land of Israel.  G-d agreed to … Continue reading

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Parashas Balak

Download Balak PDF Is there any Point in Looking at a Horoscope? Taste of Parasha The Rambam describes the levels of wisdom, refinement and purity that a person must reach in order to receive prophecy. Bilam’s resume contained none of … Continue reading

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Parashas Chukas

Download Chukas PDF Is the Bais Hamikdash the Place for a Good Jew? Taste of Parasha “Anyone who came into contact with a corpse… and did not have the waters of the Para Adumah sprinkled upon him defiles the Mishkan of Hashem (if he … Continue reading

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