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Parashas Bamidbar

Download Bamidbar PDF How Angelic can we be? Taste of Talmud Do angels keep the Mitzvos of the Torah? No, they do not.  They do not have parents, they do not have jealousy, nor do they have idols to worship, … Continue reading

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Parashas Bechukosai

Download Bechukosai PDF Giving; the Key to Receiving Taste of Talmud The 35th day of the Omer is exactly 15 days before Shavuos. In the time of the Bais Hamikdash, the sages instituted three days in the year that Maaser … Continue reading

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Parashas Behar

Download Behar PDF Feeling the Pain of Others Taste of Parasha In the town of Zhitomir, there lived a man known to all as Hirsch Ber.  Hirsch Ber was a man who had endured one setback after another, both in … Continue reading

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Parashas Emor

Download Emor PDF What is Yoshon? Taste of Talmud and Halacha What’s new? All grain that was planted after the second day of Pesach is new for this year and may not be eaten until after the second day of … Continue reading

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