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RABBI YAIR FRIEDMAN is the manager of Visionary Reading.  He was a founding member of the Greater Washington Community Kollel.  Rabbi Friedman  was successful in his 4 years at the The Torah School of Greater Washington to raise the level of Hebrew reading of all of the students he taught.  He was the Senior Lecturer for the Talmud study group called Yesodei Hatorah. On Shabbos he led a fun filled Mishna study group known as The Mishna Chabura to the boys of White Oak. For 3 years he authored a weekly bulletin fondly known as the “TOY”, an acronym for “A Taste of Yeshiva”.  This publication reached hundreds of Jews in the Baltimore Washington area and beyond.  These divrei Torah are now available on line at http://www.tasteofyeshiva.com. From 2012 – 2017, Rabbi Friedman created a Torah environment for Boys and Girls to spend their summer, as director of Camp Gevaldig, for boys, and Camp G2 for girls.  Rabbi Friedman received his Semicha from Rabbi Aharon Feldman, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Israel, under whom he studied for eight years as a member of the Ner Israel Rabbinical College Kollel. Rabbi Friedman has a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Talmudic Law from Ner Israel.  Rabbi Friedman resides in Baltimore together with his wife Esther and their children. You may contact Rabbi Friedman by sending an email to rabbiyaf@gmail.com.

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    Wow, keep up the good work Rabbi Yair and family!!

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