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Parashas Kedoshim

Download Kedoshim PDF Love Versus Fear Taste of Talmud In the time of the second temple, there lived a man by the name of Nakdimon Ben Gurion.  One day, he was called to an important meeting with the wise men … Continue reading

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Parashas Acharei Mos

Download Acharei Mos PDF Appreciating the Depths and Profundity of our Holy Torah Taste of Talmud The Talmud in Tractate Nedarim 81a makes an astonishing statement: None of the Prophets were able to comprehend “Al ma avda Haaretz”, how was … Continue reading

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Parashas Metzorah

Download Metzora PDF Becoming the Progenitors of a Holy Nation Taste of Talmud The Mishna in Shabbos 11a, says, “A Zav may not eat with a Zava (in private) because of the likelihood for sin”.  Rabbi Ovadia of Bartenura (1400s) … Continue reading

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Parashas Tazriah

Download Tazriah PDF Avoiding Lashon Hora like the Devil Taste of Talmud There is an interesting exception to the laws of L’shon Hora (evil speech) that has its source in Talmud Yerushalmi (Peah 4b). The Talmud quotes the prophet Nathan … Continue reading

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