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Parashas Pinchas

Download Pinchas PDF Am I in Control of my Emotions Taste of Talmud The daughters of Tzlafchad had a great love for the land of Israel.  Therefore, they asked for a portion in the Land of Israel.  G-d agreed to … Continue reading

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Parashas Behar

Download Behar PDF Feeling the Pain of Others Taste of Parasha In the town of Zhitomir, there lived a man known to all as Hirsch Ber.  Hirsch Ber was a man who had endured one setback after another, both in … Continue reading

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Parashas Beshalach

Download Beshalach PDF  Does a Jew Have any Business being in Egypt? Taste of Talmud The Talmud in tractate Bava Metzia 59b discusses the laws of causing emotional pain. As a general principle, the more sensitive a person may be, … Continue reading

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