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Parashas Tetzaveh 5772- When is it Permissible to Wear Shatnez?

Download Tetzaveh 5772 PDF When is it Permissible to Wear Shatnez Taste of Talmud Rabbi Masna said in the name of Shmuel, “There is no prohibition of wearing shatnez (a mixture of wool and linen) while wearing T’cheiles (Tzitzis).”  Then … Continue reading

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Parashas Shelach

Download Shelach PDF Tzitzis:  The Key to Seeing G-d Taste of Halacha When a person is the Chazzan or when he does Hagbaha or Gelilah, he should wear a Tallis to give honor to the Mitzvah that he is carrying out. Many people do … Continue reading

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