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Parashas Vayakhel

Download Vayakhel PDF The Best Fire Insurance Taste of Talmud The Rif, an acronym for Rabbi Yitzchak Alfasi, was one of the first of the Rishonim to compile a Halachic compendium based on the teachings of the Talmud.  In the … Continue reading

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Parashas Ki Sisa

Download Ki Sisa PDF The Sanctity of Shabbos Taste of Talmud Why does the Mishna list 39 different categories of creative activities that are prohibited on Shabbos? It would seem that the number could be less since there is an … Continue reading

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Parashas Tetzaveh

Download Tetzaveh PDF What is the Connection between the Menorah and the Garments of the Kohen Gadol? Taste of Talmud In Tractate Menachos 25a, the Talmud teaches us about the purifying powers of the Tzitz (tiara) that the Kohain Gadol … Continue reading

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Parashas Terumah

Download Terumah PDF Using our Home to Serve G-d Taste of Talmud Yechezkel the Prophet writes about the Mizbaiach (Altar) which was before Hashem.  He then refers to it as being the Shulchan (table).  The Talmud asks: why does he … Continue reading

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