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Parashas Korach

Download Korach PDF The Best Investment Taste of Talmud An Androginus (a male with female features) may get married and his marriage is considered binding even to the extent that if he is a Kohein, his wife is allowed to eat … Continue reading

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Parashas Shelach

Download Shelach PDF Tzitzis:  The Key to Seeing G-d Taste of Halacha When a person is the Chazzan or when he does Hagbaha or Gelilah, he should wear a Tallis to give honor to the Mitzvah that he is carrying out. Many people do … Continue reading

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Parashas Beha’aloscha

Download Beha’aloscha PDF What are we doing when we are Praying Taste of Talmud A chazzan was taking a very long time while leading the services in Rabbi Eliezer’s Shul. The other students complained to R’ Eliezer about the length of the prayers that … Continue reading

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Parashas Naso

Download Naso PDF How Angelic can we be? Taste of Talmud and Halacha While checking on the cholent, a man dropped a piece of cheese he was holding into the cholent pot! What is the halachic status of that cholent?  … Continue reading

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