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Parashas Beshalach 5772- Seeing G-d in this World- The Merkavah

Download Beshalach 5772 PDF Seeing G-d in this World- The Merkavah A Taste of Pardes What was the most important aspect of the miracle of the splitting of the sea?  The words, “the horse with its rider drowned at sea” … Continue reading

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Parashas Chukas

Download Chukas PDF Is the Bais Hamikdash the Place for a Good Jew? Taste of Parasha “Anyone who came into contact with a corpse… and did not have the waters of the Para Adumah sprinkled upon him defiles the Mishkan of Hashem (if he … Continue reading

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Parashas Bamidbar

Download Bamidbar PDF How Angelic can we be? Taste of Talmud Do angels keep the Mitzvos of the Torah? No, they do not.  They do not have parents, they do not have jealousy, nor do they have idols to worship, … Continue reading

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