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Parashas Vayakhel Pikudei/Para 5772- The Purifying Powers of the Para Aduma in our Times

Download Vayakhel Pekudei 5772 PDF The Purifying Powers of the Para Aduma in our Times Taste of Talmud Rav Pappa said:  The Halacha is that all food items eaten during a meal as part of the meal are exempt from … Continue reading

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Parashas Ki Sisa 5772- Is Striving for Perfection an Exercise in Futility?

Download Ki Sisa 5772 PDF Is Striving for Perfection an Exercise in Futility? Taste of Parasha Practice makes perfect; but, if no one is perfect, why practice?  Happiness comes from completion; but, since man’s work is never done is man … Continue reading

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Parashas Tetzaveh 5772- When is it Permissible to Wear Shatnez?

Download Tetzaveh 5772 PDF When is it Permissible to Wear Shatnez Taste of Talmud Rabbi Masna said in the name of Shmuel, “There is no prohibition of wearing shatnez (a mixture of wool and linen) while wearing T’cheiles (Tzitzis).”  Then … Continue reading

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Parashas Teruma 5772- Reaching a Real Connection to G-d- Deveikus

Download Terumah 5772 PDF Reaching a Real Connection to G-d- Deveikus Taste of Halacha “There is a positive commandment to build a house for Hashem:  A place to bring offerings and celebrate three times a year; as it says in … Continue reading

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Parashas Mishpatim 5772- The Key to the Garden of Eden- Honesty

Download Mishpatim 5772 PDF The Key to the Garden of Eden- Honesty Taste of Parasha A Shochet once came before the saintly Rabbi Yisroel of Salant to inform him that he was having a mid-life crisis.  Although he had been … Continue reading

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Parashas Yisro 5772- Success in Torah Depends on…Compromise

Download Yisro 5772 PDF Success in Torah Depends on Compromise Taste of Parasha How did the Jewish nation prepare to receive the Torah?  What are the building blocks for success in Torah?  The verses leading up to the giving of … Continue reading

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Parashas Beshalach 5772- Seeing G-d in this World- The Merkavah

Download Beshalach 5772 PDF Seeing G-d in this World- The Merkavah A Taste of Pardes What was the most important aspect of the miracle of the splitting of the sea?  The words, “the horse with its rider drowned at sea” … Continue reading

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Parashas Bo 5772- Taking Egypt out of the Jews- The Korban Pesach

Download Bo 5772 PDF Taking Egypt out of the Jews- The Korban Pesach Taste of Parasha The Jewish nation was physically ready to be taken out of Egyptbut how was Egyptgoing to be taken out of the Jews?  How would … Continue reading

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Parashas Va’eira 5772- Saying “Thank You” Like you Mean it: Hakaras Hatov

Download Va’eira 5772 PDF Saying “Thank You” like you Mean It: Hakaras Hatov Taste of Parasha Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev arrived at a small town one evening without a place to rest.  Being that he was not known to … Continue reading

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Parashas Shemos 5772- Adultery in Jewish Law

Download Shemos 5772 PDF Adultery in Jewish Law Taste of Parasha “They did not listen to Pharoh and they gave life to the children.”  Yocheved and Miriam did more than just disobey the command of Pharoh.  They extended themselves on … Continue reading

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