Success is built on Succos

When you built your Succah you were building on the success of previous endeavors.

When we shake our lulav with the other minim we are expressing our joy of serving Hashem building on the success of the Yomim Noraim.

Hopefully we are all in the mood for a great Yom Tov with great food.

What do you do if you’re, “just not in the mood?”

The Slonimer Rebbe ZTL tells us we are not alone. This is natural and we should feel right at home. We can learn how to deal with this phenomenon from the daled minom.

In the daled minim there is the esrog that is like a person who is always in the mood. It has good smell and good taste. However we learn to serve Hashem even when we only have the sense of smell like the hadasim or when we just have a taste of a mitzvah like the lulav’s dates. However, even when we are just out of it like the arava; not getting a good vibe without a smell or taste to inbibe, we cling tight to those around us and continue on with a drive. Before long what do you know, the others are put down and we are center stage steeling the show. Standing tall representing the final blow that Hashem will give to the 5 kingdoms who held us down through the ages. So join together as we go through this endeavor of Succos, daled minim, hoshana rabba, and simchas Torah. Keep your head held high inspire others until the final day when Mashiach will herald the final geulah and we will be rewarded for perseverance and building on every experience no matter taste smell or appearance.

Suggestions to help in perseverance:

  1. Remember a time when you were in the mood.
  2. Stay close to someone who is in the mood.
  3. Act like your in the mood even if you’re not.
  4. Shake and jump and swing yourself about.

About tasteofyeshiva

RABBI YAIR FRIEDMAN teaches in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in YES and is the president of Visionary Reading. He was a Rebbi at The Torah School of Greater Washington, and a founding member of the Greater Washington Community Kollel and the owner of Camp Gevaldig LLC.
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