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B’Ha’alosicha 5773: A Flash of Light

Taste of Talmud There are some actions that we are required to do which are a Mitzvah, some are an Obligation, some a Good Idea, some a Custom, and others which are merely Permissible.  Where does the act of  lighting … Continue reading

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Parashas Metzorah

Download Metzora PDF Becoming the Progenitors of a Holy Nation Taste of Talmud The Mishna in Shabbos 11a, says, “A Zav may not eat with a Zava (in private) because of the likelihood for sin”.  Rabbi Ovadia of Bartenura (1400s) … Continue reading

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Parashas Shemos

Download Shemos PDF How Did the Jewish Women Bring about Redemption? Taste of Talmud The guidelines for a healthy marriage are delineated in tractate Kesuvos.  On 72a the Talmud breaks down the laws of marriage into two categories.  The first … Continue reading

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