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Parashas Re’eh

Download Re’eh PDF Eating Within our Means Taste of Talmud “When Hashem your G-d will broaden your boundaries… and you say, ‘let us eat meat;’ you shall slaughter from your cattle and from your sheep… kaasher tziveesicha, as I have … Continue reading

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Parashas Eikev

Download Eikev PDF Can I Really have a Relationship with G-d Taste of Talmud Rav Pappa said one who eats other foods besides bread during a meal does not make a blessing upon them.  Why?  Rashi says the reason is … Continue reading

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Parashas Va’eschanan

Download Va’eschanan PDF Can you Afford not to Learn? Taste of Talmud Why was the first Bais Hamikdash destroyed? The Talmud states that it was due to idol worship, adultery, and murder (Yoma 9b). The prophet Jeremiah also asked this … Continue reading

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Parashas Devarim

Download Devarim PDF Leadership:  The Key for a Successful Nation Taste of Talmud “One who may be a Judge may be a witness” (Mishna in Tractate Nidda 49b).  Tosafos says that since Jewish law states that a woman may not … Continue reading

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