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Parashas Mikaitz 5772- Chanukah: Commemoration or Perpetuation

Parashas Mikaitz 5772 PDF Chanukah:  Commemoration or Perpetuation Taste of Talmud and Halacha Where can you find the laws of Chanukah discussed in the Talmud?  In Tractate Shabbos 21a-24a.  Why Tractate Shabbos?  The discussion begins with a comparison of the … Continue reading

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Parashas Mikaitz

Download Mikaitz PDF Chanukah: Learning How to Say Thank You Taste of Talmud In Tractate Arachin 10b, the Talmud teaches us the rules for reciting the Hallel.  We do not say the full Hallel on Holidays on which we perform … Continue reading

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