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Tetzaveh 5773: Finding Success in Succession

Taste of Parasha In this week’s Parasha, we learn about the office of the Kohen Gadol.  This position was often times passed down from father to son.  How was it decided whether to give the position to his son or … Continue reading

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Terumah: A Taste of the Chachma of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Zt”l

Taste of Parasha “Take for ME a Terumah.  Take My Terumah. A Terumah shall be taken” (Exodus: 25: 2-3). Did you notice the change in syntax?  Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson Zt”l did.  The repetition to give of oneself to G-d … Continue reading

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Mishpatim 5773: Chasidim, Chasidus, Chasid: What really defines a Chasid?

Taste of Parasha What was the first group of laws to be outlined for the Jews after they received the Ten Commandments?  Mishpatim- fiscal law, laws governing slaves, holidays, converts, adultery and keeping Kosher to name a few.  Is there … Continue reading

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Yisro_5773: Finding your own way may not be the best way

Taste of Parasha The Medrash says: Yisro made a deal with Moshe Rabbeinu, “You may marry my daughter Tzipporah on condition that you allow your first born son to serve Idols!”  The Medrash also says: Moshe Rabbeinu saw a prophetic … Continue reading

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