Chol Hamoed April 13, 2017 @Six Flags


To buy your tickets on line, Click here or on the credit card emblem below.    Please write the name of the person who will pick them up in the line that says camper name and please write the number of tickets  you are buying in the line that says description.(parking passes are sold out)


BUY 1 Ticket: $44.99     Great DEAL!  BUY 2 or more ONLY $39.99 per Ticket!



10:30 :  Park Opens

12:00 – 1:00 :  Kosher for Pesach Food for Sale at the Picnic Area next to the parking lot. 

1:30: Jewish Music at Theater

2:00: Mincha at Theater followed by more music!

3:00: Mincha at Theater followed by more music!

5:30: Kosher for Pesach Food for Sale at the Picnic Area next to the parking lot.

7:00: Park Closes……. Mincha at Picnic Area next to the Parking Lot 

Click here for Directions to Six Flags America   The Address is:

13710 Central Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD 20721.

Chag Kasher Ve’ Sameach, see you at Six Flags!

BYOM,   Bring your own Matzah!

For great words of inspiration for the SEDER CLICK HERE:

Here is a sample from… 

The Torah calls Pesach “Chag Hamatzos.” But we call it “Pesach.” Why is this so? Rav Chaim Volozhiner explains as follows:

The word Matzos and the word Mitzvos are spelled exactly the same in Hebrew. Thus “Chag HaMatzos” can be read “Chag HaMitzvos,” meaning that by leaving Egypt and receiving the Torah, the Jewish People now have the opportunity to earn great reward by doing the Mitzvos.Pesach, on the other hand, means Passover: Hashem “passed over” the houses of the Bnei Yisrael. By calling it Pesach, we emphasize the good that Hashem has done for us.Our Sages teach us not to serve Hashem with an eye to the reward; rather we should serve Him out of a sense of love and gratitude. By calling it Pesach we de-emphasize the reward that each Mitzva brings, and instead focus on the good that Hashem has done for us. By, Rabbi Reuven Lauffer

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