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Parashas Teruma 5772- Reaching a Real Connection to G-d- Deveikus

Download Terumah 5772 PDF Reaching a Real Connection to G-d- Deveikus Taste of Halacha “There is a positive commandment to build a house for Hashem:  A place to bring offerings and celebrate three times a year; as it says in … Continue reading

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Parashas Chukas

Download Chukas PDF Is the Bais Hamikdash the Place for a Good Jew? Taste of Parasha “Anyone who came into contact with a corpse… and did not have the waters of the Para Adumah sprinkled upon him defiles the Mishkan of Hashem (if he … Continue reading

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Parashas Vayikra

Download Vayikra PDF Learning Self-Esteem from the Kohanim Taste of Talmud “Cattle, sheep, goats, turtledoves, and doves are the only species from which offerings may be brought in the Bais Hamikdash.”  There are only four different types of korbanos (offerings): … Continue reading

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Parashas Terumah

Download Terumah PDF Using our Home to Serve G-d Taste of Talmud Yechezkel the Prophet writes about the Mizbaiach (Altar) which was before Hashem.  He then refers to it as being the Shulchan (table).  The Talmud asks: why does he … Continue reading

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